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Our state of the art mobile trailers are totally self-contained and operate 100% on propane gas. The trailers are equipped with a generator, three compartment sink, seperate hand-washing sink, built-in refrigerator/freezer, two funnel fryers, a french fry fryer, 24 inch grill, and a double steam table to handle any size group or party with flexible menus and accessible at any location.

Our newest trailer is smaller in size for funnel cake and drink only type events.

Our booths are also totally self-contained and are equipped with Honda Whisper generators, a three compartment sink, propane gas fryers, and CA Fire Marshall approved canopies.

Booths can be set up to accommodate a 10X10 space and can also be set up to go as large as a 20X20 space.

Booths can also accommodate any or all our normal menu items.

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