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Our catering services offer a very unique menu of delicious food items for any size event, fund raiser, personal party, or corporate gathering.

Our trailer and booths are totally self-contained to serve our customers from any location with or without electricity and/or water hook-ups.

Depending on your catering needs, we can expand our current menu to satisfy what you want to achieve for your event. We work directly with you to personalize your menu items.

Catering services require a $500 minimum which is applied toward all food purchases. Services operated with our trailer have no set-up fees. 
All prices include paper products and utensils.

Please feel free to contact us to obtain additional information about specialized catering options.

We specialize in working with non-profit organizations doing fund raising events (i.e. soccer, baseball, football, softball, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, high school and college bands/color guards--just to name a few).

There's never a charge to set up or participate in your event. Just the opposite, we pay you either a negotiated set amount or give you a percentage of our gross sales, to be vendors at the event. We'll work with you to make the event as profitable as possible.

Since we're totally self-contained, all you have to do is tell us where to set up and we'll do the rest! 
Then, when the event is over, we pay you--now wasn't that easy?!?

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